Enslaved Women And Freedom

The Civil War brought about freedom for all enslaved women, and would change their lives forever. During the war, slaves were treated worse than before the war. They were forced to work harder and given less food and clothing. [1] As a result of this many enslaved women desired freedom. The main reason why enslaved women wanted their freedom, is because  they did not want to be owned, due to being treated badly. For example, once the war got closer white women took their stress out on slaves; which would end up to them beating slaves with no explanation.[2] Emancipation made white women loose a sense of identity but it gave black women a sense of pride. Freedom for black women was a chance for them to explore the meaning of womanhood, and find a place in the world.[3] Emancipation made former enslaved women hopeful about the future. Many black women pursued citizenship, land ownership, wages for work, and a right to a private life.[4] However, it was very hard for black women to fit into society. Black women found it hard to find jobs or be accepted by society like they had desired. Many former enslaved women went to work for their former white owners, in exchange that their white masters recognize their freedom.[5] While enslaved women did get the freedom they desired, it was not the freedom they had dreamed of. Women were still treated as if they were still slaves.


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