How Did The Conservative Basis of Reconstruction Fundamentally Limit Its Achievements?

Reconstruction was a period of time in which the United States was rebuilding itself after the Civil War. Republicans played a huge role in reconstruction, because of the fact that they made up the majority party in both the house and senate. In the United States republicans understood that the government needed to extend its powers during the war.[1]  Although, the president kept expanding his power doing the war. Which congress did not approve of. [2] However, during reconstruction the government continued to expand its powers. Republicans thought that the governments powers would diminish after the war. [3] For example, congress was over stepping its powers when it came to states rights. Republicans believed that after the war states should be able to govern themselves. But congress agreed to let states run themselves, if they did it the way congress approved they could. [4]  One of the platforms for conservatives is citizens and state rights. Conservatives did not feel that congress was doing what it could to protect citizens and state rights. [5] Reconstruction was a hard period of time in histroy, due to the politics of it. No one party could agree on what the right way to go about reconstruction was.

Congressional meeting during reconstruction 


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