What Role Did Jubal A. Early Play In Creating and Propagating The Lost Cause Myth?

Jubal A. Early was a former Confederate general, who came up with what is known as the myth of the lost cause. The myth of the lost cause is an explanation for the confederate defeat in the years after the Civil War. [1]  Early wanted to explain why the Confederacy had fought in the war, and the good things that came out of it. For explain, Early is one of the first people to really glorify Robert E. Lee’s role as general in chief. Early with other ex confederates created a collection of writings that portrayed a heroic image of Lee. [2] Early started glorying the Confederacy before the war was even over. He did this because he was unsure of the fate of the Confederacy  and wanted it to be persevered. [3] One of the reason’s why Early glorified Lee so much is because of his respect for Lee. Lee really appreciated Early and worked very well with him. [4] Early felt like the best way to explain the lost cause was through writings. One of his most famous collaborations is The Southern Historical Society Papers. This was a paper written by former soldiers and generals telling stories about old battles. [5] These papers were a way for  former confederates to relive there memories, and remember why they were fighting in the first place. The lost cause myth is a positive out look on loosing the war.

Jubal A. Early 






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